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Zibo Xiangyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the west of Xiazhuang Village, Zichuan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province, 500 m south of Jiaowang Road of Provincial Highway 325, 2 km east of Zhangbo Road of Provincial Highway 205, and 6 km west of the junction of Binbo Expressway, with superior location and convenient transportation, providing favorable conditions for the development of the company.

The company, founded in October 1996, mainly produces four series of supporting products of diesel engine, including the crankshaft, cylinder sleeve, connecting rod and heat exchanger. The company has established various sophisticated rules and regulations, to fully carry out enterprise management in accordance with the network of management organizations, and the leadership attaches great importance to safety production and studies and implements laws and regulations concerned. In August 2008, the company passed the municipal safety production standardization compliance inspection and obtained the works approval certificate of "Safety Standardization Enterprise" at the municipal level, recognizing the intrinsic safety of the company. The staff officers conscientiously implement the factory quality policy, and establish a sophisticated quality inspection organization network, creating an outstanding quality inspection team to strictly control the product quality through regarding the product quality as the lifeline of the company, and constantly standardize product quality inspection and testing, thus continuously improving the qualified rate of product processing.

The company's aim of running the factory is people-oriented, honesty priority, quality winning, and customer priority, and the quality policy is to set up a new product concept, strengthen continuous improvement measures, enhance service awareness and achieve the goal of customer satisfaction.

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