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Congratulations on the successful launch of Zibo Xiangyu Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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2018/10/29 18:36
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Zibo Xiangyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the west of Xiazhuang Village, Zichuan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province. It is 500m away from Jiaowang Road, 325 Provincial Highway, 2km away from Zhangbo Road, National Highway 205, and 6km away from Binbo Expressway. The location is superior and the transportation is convenient, which provides favorable conditions for the development of the company.

The company was founded in October 1996. It mainly produces four series of diesel engine supporting products such as crankshaft, cylinder liner, connecting rod and heat exchanger. The enterprise establishes and improves various rules and regulations management system, and fully implements enterprise management in accordance with the network of management institutions. The leadership attaches great importance to safety production, learns and implements safety production laws and regulations, and passed the municipal safety production standardization acceptance inspection in August 2008, and achieved city-level The “Safety Standardization Enterprise” factory accreditation certificate guarantees the intrinsic safety of the enterprise. Cadres and staff members conscientiously implement the quality policy of the factory, establish and improve the network of quality inspection departments, have a high-quality quality inspection team, strictly control product quality, regard product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, constantly standardize product quality inspection and testing, and make products The processing qualification rate continues to increase.

Our mission is to be people-oriented, honesty first, quality win, and customer first. Our quality policy is: establish a new product concept, strengthen continuous improvement measures, enhance service awareness, and pursue customer satisfaction goals.

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